4 Subjects to Write in Jamb for Law

  • 21/09/2022
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Studying law in Nigeria is one of the decisions you can make because lawyers are among the highest paid professionals in the country. Plus, your career can change in one way or another and save lives. Therefore, note the JAMB subjects for law and put more effort into your studies. (xi) NDU requires five “O” level credit passes in English, mathematics, English literature and two other subjects in up to two sessions. Studying law is never for the weak. I think you`re here, you know what topic you need to write to become a lawyer. Well, knowing the combination of WAEC or Jambo topics for law is never a good way to make a decision, so I thought I should write a brief introduction to the all-powerful degree called law Candidates must have at least 5 credit passports in SSCE/NECO/WAEC or its equivalent in the following subjects: Mathematics, English language, English literature, government, economics and any other art subject. (iv) DELSU and ABU require literature in English and all other art or social science subjects. Am I eligible to apply to public administration because I did not include business in my JAMB, but I wrote English, C.R.K, Literature in English, Government to study Public Administration (xxi) BU accepted: (a) three (3) principal level documents in the Graduate Certificate or GCE Advanced Level as well as credit passports in no less than five other subjects, including english language and literature in English on the SSS certificate exam or GCE “O” level exam or its equivalent, or (b) A university degree of at least one lower second-class division plus credits in English and English literature at level O, or (c) at least two (2) articles at the G.C.E. advanced level or its equivalent plus three (3) “O” level papers, including English language and literature in English at O` Level. Please what can I do, I wrote the trade in Jamb, but I did not write it in Waec and go for the law, I will quickly answer the above questions and then list waec and jamb combination of topics for law in Nigerian universities. 15. BiU requires, in addition to the established Level O requirements, at least two relevant subjects successful at the advanced level of the GCE or NCE (3 merits).

The subjects required to study law at WAEC must include five (5) credit points. This combination of topics also applies to NECO AND GCE. Understanding the combination of JAMB subjects for law students helps create a curriculum that gives more time to these subjects. Also check for minor differences in the topics that universities prioritize and strive to achieve a high score in each JAMB subject for the law you are taking. Pls Sir, I want to know the details of this university because I had Jamb 200 last year, but I was not admitted. So I have to know that the cut-out messages point to this university. b. The General Certificate of Education level “O” (GCE) or its equivalent in five (5) credit subjects includes the English language, English literature and mathematics. Plus at least a second-class specialized degree from that university or another university recognized by the Senate. The JAMB subject combination for law students applies to all universities in Nigeria. You must successfully complete the subjects that JAMB has designated for a law degree program, regardless of the school you wish to join after your WAEC exams. To apply as a direct entry to law candidate, you will need: (i) Two A-level passes in arts or social science subjects.

Earn at least five (5) credits in your core O` Level courses (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB) and three or four subjects that you choose to help you reach the academic threshold when you are accepted into the Law JAMB subject combination system. These four majors that you need to enroll in law school at JAMB are: Can I still write government instead of economics during JAMB? If I do not have a government in my O level, but Economy 7th UNIBEN requires UTME requirements plus two A level passes; HND (Lower Credit) and RCE with credit cards in two subjects; Diploma with at least the lower division of second class. To study law, you must take the following subjects in your unified tertiary registration examination. These are: O`Level exams require you to take a minimum of eight subjects and a maximum of nine subjects. Five are core subjects that correspond to the course you want to take after high school. You can choose the remaining three or four themes. The following is a list of subjects required for the study of law in Nigeria: (a) three (3) theses at the main level in the Graduate Certificate or Advanced GCE level as well as credits in no less than five other subjects, including English language and literature in English at the SSS Certificate Exam or gce level exam “O” or its equivalent, or hello please, I can choose lit-in-eng, crk, economics and government in my jamb to study law Just like the other courses, you will make sure you have no less than five (5) SSCE credit passes (WAEC, GCE and NECO) in the different subjects listed below. Below is the combination of WAEC subjects for law: Note in UTME that the English language is mandatory for all courses. The other three subjects required for the study of law at the Faculty of Law in the institutions listed above are: General legal skills include exploring, interpreting and explaining complex topics, analytical thinking and practical problem solving, good oral communication, negotiations, teamwork, attention to detail and the ability to draft formal documents. (v) UNICAL – (a) does not accept a diploma/NCE. (b) accepts two A-level passes in arts or social science subjects in a single session. (c) accepts the first degree (second lower year) in the humanities or social sciences 1.

Two “A” level passes in arts or social sciences. (i) BU, UNILORIN, UNN, UNIBEN, AAU and OAU require literature in English and two (2) subjects. Understand the combination of subjects for law in JAMB during high school. The knowledge will help you know which subjects to choose for your O`Level certificate (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB). You will also be wary of taking topics that are not considered by JAMB if you apply to be admitted to law school after high school. Please, I scored 273 in Jamb, 2as and 4bs with a d7 in Math in my Waec. I still don`t do my post utme, but I plan to have 85 in my post utme. If I can study law in aaua (iv) AAU and NAU, you will need a credit in a scientific subject and a commercial subject and at least a passport in mathematics.

5. BSU accepts the other three arts/social sciences. Topics Can I commass with this combination JAMB English Crs Govt Lit Federal Universities of Nigeria adhere to the jamb subject combination for law degree programs. However, each school prioritizes certain subjects in the selection of students. Therefore, check out this O`Level JAMB combination for law in Nigerian universities: Hello sir, my Jamb-Cut Off is 205 and the School-Cut Off is 250, which course can I pass with my combinations of subjects in Jamb (a) very good passes in the subjects JUPEB / A-LEVEL: Lit-in English two other subjects of one or both of the arts or social sciences and MADONNA accept their own law degree. 13. ANSU accepts GCE, A-level or HSC passes in two subjects as well as credit level passes in three O level subjects, including English and Mathematics, English Reads Plus the UTME requirement. Holders of the first degree with at least the lower second class. (ii) UI – requires 5 “O” level credits passed in one session or six “O” level topics in 2 sessions, including English.